We specialize in:

  • Short order service, which is a one-time treatment with a 30- or 60-day warranty
  • Subterranean termite treatments
  • Preventative termite treatments
  • Pre-construction termite treatment, treatment of slabs, etc.
  • W.D.O. – Wood Destroying Organism inspections of real estate sales
  • Lawn spraying and ornamental spraying with weed control, fertilization and insect control.
  • White Fly Treatments
  • A full flea and tick control package with a preventative program built in
  • Insect identification at our office
  • Perimeter spraying around exterior of homes and businesses
  • Preventative wood treatment with borates to protect unfinished woods,
    i.e. siding and decks, against wood destroying insects and decay
  • We also specialize in commercial, industrial and institutional accounts,
    as well as residential service.

Get a warranty on all of our services!


As a reminder, we service many areas including Martin County, St Lucie County, and many other areas!